The 07:48

Ever sat on a train and wondered who is next to you or why is the man three seats in front wearing the biggest hat you’ve ever seen? I have been communting to London now since July last year and you see some right states and slowly create stories for people, as well as begin to secretly hate other people on the train. Especially the little old lady who blocks every single commuter every single day up the stairs coming off the train. Why she feels the need to get off first and block the already agrivated travels, who have been held up for 14 mins so they can’t claim back 5% of their monthly ticket, escapes me. That’s just one of around 10 people I’ve got rivalries on my train as well as the regular tube twats that go from London Kings cross to Oxford Circus. 
I do not know how people have done this route every single day for around 30 years and have not gone to the front of the train, banged on the drivers door and told him to turn the fucking heating down!!

This “blog” is a way for me to rant in privacy so that I can resist standing in the middle of the aisle and shouting abuse at everyone idiot that travels with me on a daily basis. It may be boring but it definitely beats looking at the same fields every day when on the great northern line. 

The Girl on the Great Northern train ✌️


Author: girlonthegreatnortherntrain

Working in the city can mean cocktails and parties but when you mix that with a 3 hour commute you start to question what you SEE . A twenty-something PR girl's journey on the Great Northern Line with a pinch of the blue Victoria.

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